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  • Beige Baby Alpaca Fringed Scarf Scarf WASHEIN
  • Beige Baby Alpaca Fringed Scarf Scarf WASHEIN
  • Beige Baby Alpaca Fringed Scarf Scarf WASHEIN
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Beige Baby Alpaca Fringed Scarf

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Immerse yourself in pure luxury with our expertly woven baby alpaca scarf from the heart of Peru. Revel in the ultra-soft touch, embracing the sublime sensation of luxurious alpaca caressing your neckline on a crisp autumn day. This Washein's accessory is more than just an addition to your wardrobe; it's a promise of opulence. Crafted from sumptuous natural fibers and featuring a timeless color palette, this scarf is designed to elevate your ensemble, infusing it with rich texture and captivating tonality. Elevate your style effortlessly with the epitome of premium craftsmanship.

N.B. “baby” refers to the softest body part of an adult alpaca. Not a baby animal.


100% Finest Peruvian Baby Alpaca


Made in Peru


Length: 180cm / 71in
Width: 30cm / 12in


Dry clean only.

Alpaca fibres are self-cleaning and only require airing in frosty weather or a humid room every now and then to bring back the fresh feel. This will ensure your scarf has the look and feel of day 1 on day 100.

Nature's gift

Nature couldn't have designed a better fibre: warm, soft, silky, fine and strong.

  • Naturally insulated fibre

    Adapted to the alpaca's natural habitat at 4000m a.s.l, the alpaca fibre have inherent insulating qualities and microscopic air pockets designed to keep your skin ventilated.

  • Refined and luxurious feel

    Along with having a premium fibre with an ultra-soft feel on the skin, the scarves design is such that they can be worn in various arrays.

  • Bio-degradable

    The alpaca fibre is natural hair formed from proteins. As such, it is naturally biodegradable when discarded, which means you can mix it into the soil (but not yet, we're sure you willl want to keep it for years to come).