Who are we?

Washein was created by and for the wayuu tribe, in La Alta Guajira, Colombia. It's the product of the mix between an inspired woman and the ability of a whole community. 

It emerged from the necessities of the isolated and became an international brand that delivers high quality straw products worldwide. The abilities of the artisans, from Colombia to London, from London to the world.

colourful straw hats in the beach


...we are always looking to add new products that raise the bar on quality, aesthetic and social impact while keeping our core mission: creating beautiful artisan-made quality products that positively impact the maker and the buyer" 


A woman committed to her origins

Born from wayuu parents, Claudia has always been aware of the necessities of her community. And also aware of its potential.

After studying medicine abroad, she decided to go back to her roots and help their people. 15 years of duty allowed her to become the head of the only hospital in the whole northern Guajira region. She helped improve the existing poor health system by introducing monthly medical visits to isolated communities and a new tuberculosis treatment program adapted to their cultural needs. But she decided to go further.

She was convinced that her people had a lot of value to give to the world: stylish and natural straw hats and bags. Washein appeared in 2017 as a link between quality straw craftsmanship and a growing market.

women with indigenous girl
model wearing straw bag and straw hat


From Colombia to London, from London to the world

Since its beginning, Washein has experienced an amazing growth. Both the artisans and the costumers have found an ideal business relationship. But it was time to grow even more.

Since 2018 we have a second home: London. We still get our products from Colombia, but we now ship worldwide. As an strategic spot, this city has given us so many new options and connections to every point on earth. That means more costumers, more destinations and more productivity, and also the opportunity to get involved in the English-speaking market.


Our Mission


Quality Craftsmanship

Expertly crafted products with high-quality natural materials and careful attention to detail.


Social Impact

Give job opportunities to small makers and create awareness about sustainable fashion. 


 Aesthetic and Function 

With each new product we try to raise the bar on aesthetic while keeping its main purpose.