The Washein Journal: Here we go!

The Washein Journal: Here we go!

It was an obligation. We had to make it. This journal had to be created. The spirit of Washein goes much further than just selling hats and bags. Since its beginning, helping the Wayuu people has been one of the most important goals for us, which means giving them an opportunity to work and to get the world to know their products. But now we want to make one step forward, we want to give our clients a more complete experience. Where does this hat come from? Why does this bag has this design? How did the artisans get this straw? What’s the difference between this hat and the one I can buy in the shop around the corner?

We’ve launched this journal with the idea of letting the world know what’s behind Washein and what’s behind the Wayuu community in general. We want something different than just an ordinary relationship between the costumer and the seller. Not only will we tell you about the process of our items until they get to your head (or hands), but we will also tell you amazing stories that happen on a daily basis in La Guajira and we will give the latest information regarding new products. Doesn’t it sound great?

Just a reminder

Wayuu artisanAs you may already know, Washein was born from a big seal with a huge potential. From an unknown part of South America, a dreamer began something which has know became true. Being in the middle of nowhere has its perks: Wayuu people needed help. Water, electricity, healthcare. Those were things which they simply did not have. But they had something to offer in exchange: outstanding hand-made hats and bags full of pure colombian background. Their ability and their kindness, together with the consideration and desire of one woman, gave birth to Wahsein as you know it today. It was not easy, it was not quick, but it happened. Many others helped as well, and nowadays the entire world can easily get one pretty artisan hat directly from Colombia, and the Wayuu natives can get help from all over the world. Our story may sound like a movie one, it’s true. But isn’t it one of those? If you want to know more about it, you can always read our full history. 

Why are we starting this journal?

We felt that we were missing something. We got our products, we sold them, the customers got them. That was enough for a normal business. But we’re not a normal business. Behind every single hat and every single bag there’s a personal story. That’s why there’s also a personal story behind every single customer. Both are worth telling. Given the fact that the story of Washein is very peculiar and that is inevitably attached to the Wayuu history, there’s a lot of things that need to be told. We completely understand that, as a client, you want to know more. Even though you have never bought from us, you might be interested in all the things we have to tell you, and that’s why we are here.

Do you know how long does it take to make a hat? Have you got any idea how the artisans collect the straw? Would you like to know how is it like to live in La Guajira? When will we launch a new product and how will it be? Is it true that the bags come directly from Colombia? All those questions have an answer, and we completely understand that you want to know them. We are pleased to tell you everything about them.

Loads of famous and successful people keep telling us that copying is not a bad thing. We must admit that there were a couple of journals that inspired us to launch ours. Comparing companies websites, we believe that those with something more than just products are more “real”. What does that mean? It gives the feeling that there’s something else than just a couple of offers, transactions and products. Therefore, we’ve thought that we could do the same. With our own style, of course, but with a similar base. And here we are! As the other journals have given us the power to begin with this project, we strongly believe that the Washein Journal will also help others to believe in their goals and to be motivated by the stories we have for you.

Don’t worry, we are not going to bomb you with piles of articles every single day. We want to take the right time to build nice pieces of writing for you not only to be read, but enjoyed. Thus, we’ve set a goal: quality over quantity. A couple of articles per month, maybe two or three, with information about the Wayuu community and all the process behind our products. When duty calls, we will post news about products we are about to launch, stuff going on within the company and things that need to be posted in order to get our readers up to date.

The journal is not just ours. It’s ours, that meaning you and us. We want you to get involved. If you have something to say, make a comment. If you’ve liked something, share it. If you haven’t, let us know. Would you like to read about anything in particular? Just send us a message and we will do our best. Be part of it. This journal is like a structure: we make the basics, you shape it, give it the final details. Without our readers, where would we go? Our goal is to let the world know about us and about all the people that make Washein possible. Will that be done, then we’re happy. And so are the readers.

This is just the beginning of it. The first letters were written, the first paragraphs read and now we are ready to go. You want to know, we’ll let you know. We want you to know, we’ll make you know. We’ve just started, just one article. But remember, Washein was once just a grain of sand, and now we’re wearing our hats all over the beach.


Written by Ignacio Zambello, freelance content creator 


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