Summer 2021! Carryalls, beach & mini totes, canasta bags, and sun hats

Summer 2021! Carryalls, beach & mini totes, canasta bags, and sun hats

2021 still feels to many another strange year with probably few reasons for sunny accessories. At Washein we are aware of this, but we also know that you will still want to wear them! We have all still managed to slip a few scapes to the park to grab that perfect sunshine spot during the spring. And the summer ahead certainly looks like park picnics and close-by getaways will be a reality.

With this in mind, our latest SS2021 range of bags and hats represent a humble and good choice when there’s not much reason to carry a bag or wear a hat.

Our latest releases are practical, easy, and will fit seamlessly into your laid-back and relaxed outfits of the season. Bags with open tops and comfortable handles accompanied by hats with summery hues and bendable brims are what’s set to become the elevated yet casual appeal to this season’s assortment. As the weather warms up and we spend more time outdoors at parks, beach strolls, and even getaways, our roomy, sophisticated, and sustainable summer accessories will make a wonderful companion.

 model looking to the horizon with a yellow straw hat and bagtwo fuchsia straw bags lifted up with a church and blue sky in the background

 models laying on the floor with multicolour straw basket bags

yellow basket squared bag in a sunny weather

model with white dotted top and holding a green straw bag

model holding two iraca bags

three straw bags in green blue and fuchsia model sitting in bench wearing straw hat and bag

blue straw hat and bag in the beach

model in stair holding a straw bag in black and with sunglasses

Model holding straw bags facing her back


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