New 2020 Summer Wayuu Straw Hats

New 2020 Summer Wayuu Straw Hats

They are finally here! After some time choosing colors and patterns we're excited to launch our new Summer Wayuu Straw Hats.

This is our third ever hats release and they continue to be loved. Because once you own one, you realise just how nice a well crafted straw hat can be. A customer just sent us this the other day:

"I'm trying to buy fewer accessories but of higher quality, and this hat is on spot. Perfectly finished and beautifully made."

Our new hats release include one for every women out there. Whether you are a first time straw hat buyer or perpetual true hat lover, we think the new range is just right.

It's all in the details: Woven patterns, just the right brim lengths, flexible and resistant painted straw and bendable brim. Comfortable, unique, timeless.

Available from plain colors like in the Arena hat to vibrant ones in the Yonna and Binomio, and in between with the Breeze, Arawak, and Urariyu hats.

Here are some photos of how these new hats fit:

blonde model wearing a plain straw hat with fuchsia and green strap

two models wearing large black straw hats

features of wayuu straw hats

two models wearing black and red straw hats

new hats collection top view

detail of painted black straw hat

Black wayuu straw hat

model with pink straw hat and pink wall behind

model in street wearing a fuchsia straw hat

new collection of straw hats

washein founder

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