New AW2020 Winter Alpaca Collection

New AW2020 Winter Alpaca Collection

Time to get a little warmer! And what about doing so with style and fashion? That's why we are really excited to introduce the new Fall / Winter Alpaca Collection.

Scarves, throws and beanies that will perfectly fit you.

This is the first time we introduce winter accessories, that's why we've taken our time to choose the best materials, the highest quality, the most capturing colours and the perfect combination of practicality and style. 

All the products in this new collection are 100% of alpaca, one of the finest materials in the world. Sustainability and quality is what these products will deliver.

" Nature couldn’t have designed a better fibber: warm, soft, silky, fine and strong". 

Alpacas habitat is in the higher regions of South America, where the climatic conditions are extreme. This makes them have the finest of fibres with several special properties which means that the fibre from alpacas reared in Peru will always be of higher quality than alpaca fibre obtained in other parts of the world.

Before we go on, let's make something clear: you might hear the term "baby alpaca", which refers to the softest body part of an adult alpaca. Not a baby animal.

Winter Alpaca Accessories Collection - Washein AW2020

Alpaca accessories features Washein AW2020
Pink silk alpaca shawl
Winter baby alpaca and silk shawl scarves from Washein AW2020
Outdoor winter outfit with Washein new Aqua Blue Silky Shawl
Washein fringed baby alpaca scarves part of AW2020
Models styling Washein's new Alpaca Collection Scarves
Model with Washein's new white fringed baby alpaca scarf in winter outfit
Washein new premium baby alpaca scarves part of AW2020
model with Washein's new green baby alpaca scarf part of AW2020
New baby alpaca winter beanies part of Washein AW2020
models in Washein latest baby alpaca winter hats
New baby alpaca throws part of Washein AW2020

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