The Cabo Series: uniqueness and style in one bag

The Cabo Series: uniqueness and style in one bag

Would you ever imagine that something that looks as stylish as a piece of furniture could be used as a bag? Stop imagining, now it's true.

We are more than happy to introduce the Cabo Series: our exclusive and unique fine hand-made bags.

We've been working hard in order to bring to the market something that only Washein could offer. After months of thinking, producing, creating and actually making them, the Cabo Series is now a reality. 

Washein is the only shop in the whole world where you can find the Cabo Series in all of its three colours: black, green and burgundy. We've been working with our artisans in Colombia and we've came up with this brilliant and exclusive idea.

These stylish bags are made with the same high-quality straw used for our hats and they are lined with a special fabric. What's the result of that? A wonderful bucket-like shape piece of Colombian craft. 

The opacity of the colours, together with the golden endings of the strap and the rope, results in an ideal combination for any of your outfits. Going to the beach? Awesome. Planning a dinner out? Perfect! Anywhere, anytime, anyhow. The Cabo series is always there to play an image-quality boost role.

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But there's one more thing. It's not all about the image, but also about the usefulness. That's why we've decided to place a small inner pocket where you can carry smaller things like your keys or headphones. 

And what about the name? "Cabo". No idea what that means, right? Well, it all has a reason. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so let us show you first, we'll explain later...

That breathtaking place is called Cabo de la Vela. This cape is located in La Guajira, the region from where all our products come from. There, where Caribbean sea meets the Colombian sand, is where our inspiration was born.

We believed that that amazing creation of nature deserved to be part of Washein. Because of that, we've honoured our bags with its name. Just look again at the picture of Cabo de la Vela, admire those natural and vivid colours, that contrasts, that feeling of happiness and joy. Now all that is compressed in our bags


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By clicking on this link you can access our online store and get your favourite Cabo bag. BUT WAIT! We have some special offers for you. What about a gift for a person you love or something nice to share with a friend of yours? 

Buy 2 bags from the Cabo Collection for only £169 using the code "TWOCABOS"

Buy 3 bags from the Cabo Collection for only £239 using the code "THREECABOS"

Let the show begin!


 Written by Ignacio Zambello, freelance content creator 


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