New 2020 Summer Hats

They are finally here! There is one for every women out there: firts-time hat buyers and perpetual hat lovers alike. See how it fits here.

Washein's latest take on effortless chic style reinforces its commitment to quality craftsmanship.

New Straw Bucket Bags

What does it mean?

Sierra Macuira

A national park since 1977, the Sierra Macuira is the most humid region in Washein's native Guajira and considered the water lungs of the area. Its colorful scenery of dunes and greens make it uniqe in the country and to this, Washein's statement bag pays tribute to.

New Hats Release

New 2020 Summer Straw Hats

model with her arms stretched upwards and wearing a black hat with a tassel side view of wayuu straw hat with small brim in black pattern with natural diagonal stripes


From £59
two models wearing black straw summer hats side view of wayuu straw hat with small brim and black patterns


From £59
model holding a natural straw hat with a tassel side view of unpainted straw hat with small brim and patterns
Sold out


From £59
two models wearing black and red straw hats side view of straw hat with small brim and red and black pattern
Sold out



Craftsmanship Still Matters

True artisan craftsmen honestly care about their work in a way a machine can never replace. Learn why we believe craftsmanship still matters on our new Washein Journal article.

Our Story

Washein's aim is to introduce people around the world with the most beautiful crafts from the native Wayúu tribe of Colombia. Its product are straw hats and bags and are carefully handwoven by Wayúu artisans in Colombia.

Washein was founded by Claudia Iguarán. Before Claudia launched Washein, she took over the direction of the Nazareth Hospital in 2012. It is from them that she saw the need for Indigenous patients with Tuberculosis after having completed phase one of the treatment, to feel productive to support their families.

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