Tap into this season's trend with our ultimate range of natural accessories


Wrap yourself in Alpaca

Natural and Right

Nature couldn’t have designed 
a better fiber: warm, soft, silky, 
fine and strong.

As part of our AW2020 collection we wanted to bring you powerful yet minimalistic accessories to wear. Our range's classic color palettes and natural material captures this.

The Alpaca fibre has become a season favorite and that's why we chose it for all our winter pieces, to make them perfect companions for you at all times, whether for travel, adventure, special occasions, or other activities.

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indian Lebanese model wearing a aquamarine blue silk alpaca wool shawl scarf

Eco-friendly yet chic accessory

Straw Hats

two models wearing black straw summer hats side view of wayuu straw hat with small brim and black patterns
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£41 £59
model photoshoot wearing a straw hat and white shirt straw hat in black for the summer and beach
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£29 £59
asian model in london with straw hat white shirt and black blazer straw hat with black stripes and patterns
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£39 £49
Luz Luz
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£49 £59

Our Story

Washein was created by and for the wayuu tribe, in La Alta Guajira, Colombia. It's the product of the mix between an inspired woman and the ability of a whole community. 

Born from wayuu parents, Claudia has always been aware of the necessities of her community. And also aware of its potential.

It emerged from the necessities of the isolated and became an international brand that delivers high quality straw products worldwide. The abilities of the artisans, from Colombia to London, from London to the world.

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Craftsmanship Still Matters

True artisan craftsmen honestly care about their work in a way a machine can never replace. Learn why we believe craftsmanship still matters on our new Washein Journal article.

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