A strange year with summery hopes ahead

Practical and chic summerwear

2021 still feels to many another strange year with probably few reasons for sunny accessories. At Washein we are aware of this, but we also know that you will still want to wear them!

We have all still managed to slip a few scapes to the park to grab that perfect sunshine spot during the spring. And the summer ahead certainly looks like park picnics and close-by getaways will be a reality.

With this in mind, our latest SS2021 range of bags and hats represent a humble and good choice when there’s not much reason to carry a bag or wear a hat.


Sun-baked palm leaves accessories for modern interiors

Natural & Handwoven

Artisan-crafted placemats and baskets ingeniously blending traditional shapes, contemporary aesthetics, and the finest craftsmanship: a must-have touch to your modern indie interior.

Fully tested on our hats, the Wayuu weaving techniques are among the finest in the world. It's now time to incorporate it in our home decor.

Our latest home accessory is a celebration of both, the modern home and what we stand for at Washein: sustainable sourcing and unparalleled crafting. Now grab your favourite design and start to FEEL YOUR HOME.

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Our Story

Washein was created by and for the wayuu tribe, in La Alta Guajira, Colombia. It's the product of the mix between an inspired woman and the ability of a whole community. 

Born from wayuu parents, Claudia has always been aware of the necessities of her community. And also aware of its potential.

It emerged from the necessities of the isolated and became an international brand that delivers high quality straw products worldwide. The abilities of the artisans, from Colombia to London, from London to the world.

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Craftsmanship Still Matters

True artisan craftsmen honestly care about their work in a way a machine can never replace. Learn why we believe craftsmanship still matters on our new Washein Journal article.

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